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I realize that it has been a long time again.  Life is just too much fun here and my mind slips a bit when it comes to remembering to share it with you.  Also, I’ve been ill with three different illnesses in the last 6 weeks and that has certainly taken its toll on the creative mind aspect of life!

However – – – I don’t want you to be totally left out in the dark.  So here is a summary of the last 24 days!

We have been having fun.  For one thing, remember we lived for about 5 months in a place called Pueblo Eden.  We loved it.  The scenery is gorgeous and the people are great.  Except for right in town, it’s a pretty pricey place to live since the cost of land is so high.

Pueblo Eden had its 99th anniversary and we remembered to go.  It was quite an affair. There was a full-fledged professional band/orchestra that played.  It was the first time I had heard the Uruguayan National Anthem.  It’s quite impressive.  There was a huge parade of horses (somewhere around 200) that carried riders dressed in the typical dress of the Uruguayan gauchos.  There are still lots of gauchos and they work like crazy.

They also have these marvelous dogs who know just what to do to herd sheep and cattle to new pastures — down the highway — up hills and down valleys — and these little border collie mix dogs are faster and smarter than most dogs I’ve ever seen.  Brave too, since they go running in and out between cattle and sheep legs and hooves, nipping when necessary.

So the parade began and I got a few really good shots.  I was totally impressed at the cool historical, typical dress of the gauchos and their families.  I’m going to close out this blog and put a handful of those photos here so you get a feel for the day.  Notice that the children were included, many of them riding alone, and the younger ones riding with their dads or moms.

The sun shone — it was warm and people had fun.  We were so glad we went.  We even got to see some of our expat friends who live out there.  All in all it was an awesome day!

I’ve tried to show close-up shots of the gauchos (men) and their typical wear.  I cut the number down for this blog, but I like them so much I took a lot of photos with those cool hats, belts, and the large knives stuck in the back.  And no, those are not machetes.  These are gaucho knives and they are used for many things in their work.  These are for dress and show, but believe me, they are real knives!  Enjoy.







true-gaucho-dress parade-with-traditional-mens-clothes parade-with-traditional-mens-clothes-hat-boots-and-sword parade-of-horses-with-traditional-dresses parade-of-horses-with-traditional-clothing parade-looking-towards-rominas-dirction parade-grounds-with-everyone-lined-up-around-the-park parade-4 parade-3 parade-2




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