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What You Can Buy for $2.15


Okay — so I may just want to brag a little bit about how delicious and fresh and HUGE the veggies are down here.  This is certainly a lot of broccoli, but I’m a sucker for a sale when it’s something as good as broccoli!

This was on sale at the feria (market) 3 heads of broccoli for a total of $U59.  The exchange that day was 27.5 so you divide $U59 by 27.5 and you get a whopping $2.15!  I have to say that’s what I call a deal.  We’re still eating it.  Turns out that’s a lot more broccoli than I was counting on.  What fun.


(I know it’s a little blurry — all that excitement you know!!) ha ha ha


  1. Looks beautiful!

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