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View From Higher Up!


One of the things we like so much about living in Uruguay and most especially here in the Punta del Este/Punta Ballena region, is the astounding beauty. You can’t hear the roar of the Atlantic Ocean nor can you smell the salty air that wafts on the breeze just from photos alone. But you can appreciate that it is a magnificent experience to stand on the top of the viewpoint on Punta Ballena and take it all in!

Atlantic Ocean August 5th

Today was a perfectly foggy/sunny day. The breeze was very slight, and the weather was soft. We had a little shopping to do, and then on the spur of the moment we decided to drive out to the viewpoint on Punta Ballena past CasaPueblo Museum.

It was so beautiful that we pulled out the binoculars and looked at everything within “looking” range. There were a couple of funny little fishing boats that I’m certain did not know they were being “watched” by the two of us from so far away. Then we pulled out our phones and took some photos. I’ve only included a couple here. But if you want to see a slideshow of some more, head on over to and take a look.

Enjoying the Foggy Beach Day Overlook

We certainly had good luck — it began raining shortly after we arrived at home.
These kinds of things fill my soul! They lift me up and give me much reason to be happy we made such a “right” decision to move to Uruguay!  We simply couldn’t be in a more perfect location.  Have a wonderful day!

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