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The Whales Are Here!!


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An Awesome Time in Uruguay!

The Whales are Here!

What fun we are having.  One of our friends, Pam, mentioned that there were going to be whales coming to the beaches near here between July and November.  Little did we know that the time is now!

Last week on Tuesday when I was on my way to teach, there were cars lined up along the beach and I figured there must be whales.  I couldn’t see anything where all the cars were, but as I was just about to enter the part of the road where you can’t see the beach anymore, I saw one jump just a little out of the water and blow!

I was so thrilled with my minor view.  When I got home, I told Kris and she said she had seen Pam, and during that same day Pam had seen 5 or 6. Game on!

Today, I was on my way into town and cars were lined up all over the place again.  This time I had the time to stop for a few minutes and there they were doing turns and splashing around in the water. I finished what I had to do in town and hurried home to pick up Kris.  We grabbed our beach chairs and umbrella, our cameras, binoculars, and a jacket, and headed for the beach.

I attempted to take photos, but my hand was too shakey with the camera and they didn’t turn out well enough to share.  So I “borrowed” some from the Internet that look exactly like what we were watching today.  I don’t know how they manage to live with all those barnacles on them, but they are totally AWESOME!  They’re truly impressive.



This is about a 1/3 view!

Type:  Right Whale this is a link to an article about them.




One of the cool things about this morning was the pervasive sense of joy that was at the beach as we all “oooed and aaaawed” each time they rose their magnificent heads and enormous bodies out of the water – called “breaching”.

Right WhaleWe are going to head out tomorrow morning a lot earlier and park in an even better spot to watch the show. They migrate here to have their babies. Uruguay’s waters are declared by Uruguayan law to be a sanctuary for whales and dolphins.

Did you know they make this hilarious honking sound when they blow?  It truly sounds like a ships’ foghorn.

Children and adults alike were laughing and taking photos and having a great time. Some people even set up a small B-B-Q to cook something that smelled very good!  I was born and lived in the Pacific Northwest and never had a close-up view like this. Truthfully, I don’t even remember ever seeing the migration in the Pacific and I know there is one!

But to have a front row seat like we have here is truly a happy and moving experience as we enjoy these massive creatures of the sea.  Just one more fantastic thing about this wonderful country we now call home!

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