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Punta del Este on Canvas


I just found some very nice representations of Punta del Este that are exactly how it looks here. I’m not an artist (I take some good photos), but these are truly beautiful.

Disclaimer: if you happen to purchase one, I get a small commission for posting them for sale here.

They truly capture the beauty of this place!  Enjoy.

Just so you know, Casa Pueblo is built right on Punta Ballena so we see it every time we go to the beach or drive out the Punta Ballena overlook. This is the real deal!

When we drive into Punta del Este (about 5 miles from the house), it looks like this because we drive along the waterfront called the Balnearia along the Rumbla to get into town. If you want to visit here, you can expect to see this. If you’ve been here, you will be filled with delightful memories!

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