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If I’m not mistaken, it has been at least one full year since I wrote in this blog.  Here’s what happens when you move to another country!

First you get exhausted and then recover from the trip.  Then everything is new and exciting.

Then reality sets in that you are no longer living “in the familiar” but are now back taking baby steps into a new life.  After a year or two — for us it will be 2 years on October 14 — you realize that there are too many happenings, too much beauty, wonderful friendships, too many things to share in a blog.

It’s very cool — but — it sort of leaves you who like to read my blogs, out in the dark, asking all sorts of questions that never get answered.  Part of that is because after you’ve lived abroad for awhile, what was new has now become the blessed familiar and brings joy to your heart!

Of course friends and family who never write don’t help the situation! ha ha ha  We lose the ability from here, and you lose the ability from wherever you are, to have meaningful communication because you no longer know what is really going on in each others’ daily life.  And…that is usually more than you can share in an email!  Right?

So how are you anyway?

Here is how we are:  we moved from Punta Ballena and Vida Loca, to an apartment in town — in the town of Punta del Este. We now live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment (90 square meters), that a dear friend made available to us.  As a huge kindness to us we are only paying a little more than the “condo” fees.

But all of the allergies from the thatched roof at Vida Loca are gone and we are breathing quite nicely.  My immune system is just about fully back on track and I’m feeling great again.

The view out any of the windows gives a glimpse of the ocean. Out this view is the Atlantic Ocean.  Soon I’ll post some photos that show how gorgeous it is at night.  I switched to a new cellphone so I have to figure out how to do everything.

I’m still teaching school — business studies and English — it has been both very rewarding and incredibly hard — some experiences are like that!  I’m looking forward to teaching the equivalent of high school juniors and seniors this next year in a program called the International Baccalaureate Diploma program from the UK.  It is rigorous and yet very interesting.

I’ll try to get back here before another year goes by!



p.s. we’re on the 8th floor!  Perfect!  Storms from up here are truly impressive.






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