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Exciting News To Me Anyway!

This is me with a smile on my face standing beside the Chairman of the Board, Daniel Reta, of a new school in Punta del Este called International College.  We just signed my new contract as a teacher and as a founding faculty member of the newest school in Uruguay — International College.

You might ask why, after retiring from massage and the spa, would I decide to take another opportunity.  If you know me, you already know the answer to that question.  But I’ll assume you don’t!

How many people do you know who “retire” and then sit down and do nothing?  All of my life has been dedicated to doing the kinds of things that move people to a better place in their lives.  In massage, I considered it to be a kind of ministry to the physical, emotional, and even spiritual needs and wants of my clients.


This year (2016) I have been teaching very part-time at St. Clare’s College (which I shared when I first started blogging).  I taught Business Studies to middle-school kids and the first two years of high school.  I learned a lot!  (I can see some of you smiling.)

What I came to realize over the months in teaching there, and in conversations with some friends as well, is that I have something wonderful to offer as a teacher.  I wanted to make more money, sure.  But making money without making a difference would be a truly hollow experience.

I did, however, want to take on more teaching hours, but St. Clare’s already has their teaching roster in place.

Someone suggested I submit my resume at this new school, and I did so immediately.  I was also hired almost immediately because of my life experience as a teacher of many things, my education and training, and because I ended up at St. Clare’s as one of the kids’ favorite teachers!  I will be teaching two subjects – Business Studies and English/Reading Comprehension (ESL).

I’m going to include photos of this new school.  I feel privileged and honored that I get to work this next year in one of the best schools in all of Latin America.  International Colleges are being built all over the world with the latest and best resources available for both teachers and students.

The director/principle of the school is a delightful woman named Dr. Iara Lindemann, and of all things, she is Brazilian!  That is a special gift to me.  We have chattered on in Portuguese more than once.  I look forward to working with the team there.

Here are some great photos of the school.  Tonight – December 17 – we have our first big fling as a school community — and we expect over 1000 people to come to this open house.  The school is not fully completed yet, but the celebration will be wonderful.

Remember that we are in our summertime in Uruguay.  School will start in our fall which will be March, 2017.  All of us teachers will be starting school in February to learn how to operate all the most modern, up-to-date technology (which the kids can probably do in their sleep!).  I’ll keep you updated as more wonderful things unfold.


Above is the entire complex as it will be when completed.


Above is the new library and cafeteria.  There is a coffee shop as well as places for the students to buy other snacks to the left.  It will also have hours so that anyone associated with the school can come in and use the library and have a cup of coffee and a snack.


Inside each classroom there will be a “Smart Board” like the one you see in this photo.  We will be using it to teach, to engage in interactive activities and such.  You can see more photos of the school, and you will enjoy the videos and information on the official website:

They decided to start with only 350 students as all of the facilities are not yet completed. However it is projected to have an enrollment of 1500 when everything is up and running.  Like I said — Exciting News!  Especially for me!

As far as living, working, and retiring in Uruguay goes — I’m doing all three!

You are welcome to visit my other blog for more information on what it’s been like for us to move to Uruguay.

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