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We weathered a pretty hefty storm last night with very little left-over evidence!  It came as a great howling wind and some rain and felt like a good winter storm – which it was.  Only the difference was that when we got up this morning, there wasn’t 2 feet of snow to shovel before getting on with the day!

Began posting some new photos today for Punta Ballena (pronounced poonta bashena).Punta Ballena Up Close

Punta Ballena Up Close2

Thought you might like to begin to see what it looks like in the area where we live.  The beach is about 1 mile away and we have the most beautiful views. It’s great fun to be able to drive any direction, north or south, and be at the ocean — not just the ocean — but fantastic and interesting scenic vistas.  The last few times we’ve been at the seaside, the wind has been blowing very hard so it’s been difficult to get good photos that don’t wiggle.  But there are some and I’ll keep putting them up so you get an idea of what the landscape is like.

Our house is actually not right in town.  But within a couple miles we have two decent grocery stores, several nice restaurants, a huge truck-stop-style gas station, and, of course, the beach.

Blog photos can be seen here.  Also we have photos of our 2013 trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico deeper into the archives if you are interested.  I’ve been attempting to upload some wave motion but the files are too big at this time.  We’ll see!

If you’re interested in reading a lot of detail about different locations in Uruguay, we purchased this travel book by Bradt and it is quite accurate. We’ve used it many times to find different places, but more than that, it is accurate about restaurants, events and transportation — and much more. Just sayin…..

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