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About Me

My name is Linda and I arrived in Uruguay October 14, 2015.  That’s right! I’ve only been here about 8 months at the time of publishing this website.  My perspective is from someone who has recently gone through the residency process, the rental process — house hunting and all, plus gathering of furniture, appliances and other goodies, learning where to buy stuff of all kinds, and getting health insurance!

I don’t know the Uruguayans very well yet, but those I know are really nice people — they put up with me!  While I learn Spanish better, they listen and correct along the way, but they mostly understand.  We get to where we need to be in the conversation — most of the time!

I’m living in the department of Maldonado, in the Punta Ballena area just outside Punta del Este proper.  I will say that even in the short time we’ve been here, we know it was the right decision.  I was hired for a job in my area about 2 weeks after I went around and passed out my CV/Resumé.  Only after I went to work and was involved in the first staff meeting did I realize that all of those meetings were only in Spanish.  It has been a great immersion into the language for me.  Unexpected — but good.  (My hiring process was all in English!)

It was my desire to move outside the United States again after having lived in Brazil for 13 years some 30 years ago.  I am more or less fluent in Portuguese, and that has certainly made learning Spanish easier.  However, we had studied Spanish using Pimsleur and Spanish Synergy from Marcos Santamaria before arriving here.  It’s great to have a base of some sort in the language.

My goal with this website is to offer information on simply living and working in Uruguay.  We already have our temporary cedulas (residency ID cards), and were told our permanent ones should be ready in September.  That’s a lot sooner than we expected since we only started the process sometime in November, 2015.  It won’t have been quite a year if we do receive them in September.

However, we had an unbelievably efficient relocation and residency expert working with us at very affordable rates. Communication was excellent and she began working with us before we ever left the states.  I’ll probably share her information further along.

You may have noticed that sometimes I say “we” instead of “I”, and that is because I actually came to Uruguay with my life partner.  Two people going through this experience is certainly more fun and less stress (or someone to share the stress with!), than doing it by myself.  Kris is a gifted musician, visual artist, painter and writer.  So I may ask for a contribution now and then!

Please feel free to send me any questions you may have about life here and I will give it a go, or redirect you to someone who can answer them.

In the meantime, please enjoy any and all of this website, as I’m doing it because I love it and because maybe — just maybe — it will help others feel good about living, working, and ….almost retiring here in Uruguay!
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